No more paper checks just receive digital checks online with Cardless Paytech.

Simple and secured digital checking solution is changing the way small businesses receive payments from their clients.
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How it works

Accept Echeck Payments from USA and CANADA

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Create, Send and Receive

Choose an option to get E check Payment!

1. Invoice

  • Simply create and send an invoice to your client.
  • Your client will receive an invoice where they can enter payment details.
  • You will receive a payment notification in your email as well as in your dashboard.
  • Check “Print Check” page for PDF echeck to print.

2. Input Check/Virtual Terminal

  • Enter your customers check information on our “Input Check” page.
  • Our system then will verify your client’s check information and create check.
  • You and your client will receive payment notification via email.
  • Check “Print Check” page for PDF echeck to print.

3. Integrate Pay by Check link to your website and receive an echeck payment.



Flexible printing choices — no special printer or ink required

  • Print the PDF echeck using a standard printer with bank approved business blank check paper. (Check our FAQ page for more details.)



Endorse and deposit like any other check

  • Deposit printed check just like any other check - at a bank branch, through an ATM or using Remote Deposit Capture on a smartphone.

eChecks are Fast, Easy and Secure.
Cardless Paytech's benefit includes:

Accept check payment using our virtual check acceptance portal.
Accept check by Phone, Web or Fax in a matter of seconds.
Validate accounts and reduce bad checks deposit ratio with our REAL–TIME CHECK VERIFICATION Technology.
Accept eCheck Payments in Multi-currency.
Allow your clients to electronically sign on eCheck Payment (using our SIGNATURE CAPTURE TECHNOLOGY)
Scan and deposit checks directly into your bank account after printing your client's checks using Remote Deposit Scanner
Get paid faster. Create and send an invoice in minutes.

Fast and easy echeck payments, no matter the volume

Whether you create one echeck, hundreds or even thousands, creating and receiving payment with Cardless Paytech is fast and easy.
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