Are Taking Checks By Phone / Fax / Web Legal?
YES, many businesses have been taking checks by phone/fax/web for years.
Do I need any kind of computer software or equipment?
No. You do not need any type of software to download, install, or update or any type of equipment. Also, you can access our system from anywhere in the world.
How soon can I get started?
As soon as you sign up for an account, you are ready to use our check processing system.
Do you guarantee that the check will get clear?
Cardless Paytech LLC does not verify nor guarantee funds in your clients' bank account. Only if you use Bank Authentication verification then we show you exact amount client have in their bank account. But, there is never a way to guarantee that check will clear.
Do I have to make a long-term commitment with your service?
No, our service is month to month without any type of contract. You can cancel our service anytime. If you cancel in the middle of the month then your service will be canceled next month and you will not get charged next month.
How do I cancel my service?
You can send us an email to to cancel your account. Please review billing Agreements for more details.
What type of reporting services you offer?
When you login to your dashboard, you will have various reporting which will help you understand your daily activities, your account status, verification remaining, Dashboard notifications once your clients send you payments, and much more.
What type of paper check should I purchase?
We recommend using standard 8 1/2″ x 11″ check paper with 3 checks on a page. You can easily purchase it from office supply stores or online.

USA Check Paper Size for Cardless Paytech LLC Software
• Bank approved in the United States.
• 3-up business checks per sheet.
• Look for 3 2/3” Check option.

CANADA Cheque Paper details for Cardless Paytech LLC Software
• Bank approved in CANADA.
• 3-up business check per sheet.
• Look for 3 2/3” check option.
• Look for the CANADIAN VERSION CHECKS Sign or Canadian Payment Association (CPA) Compliant Cheque.
Where can I find check paper?
You can find above mentioned checks in office supply stores and/or online. If your local office supply store doesn’t carry the paper with 3 checks on a page then you can email us for more information at
How do I print checks?
Click on the “Print Check” button from your Dashboard. Then click the “Search Button” or Check the boxes next to the checks you want to print and click “Print Selected” option button. This will create a PDF file and the selected check is ready to print using 3-up Business checks.